My Two (Peter’s) Pence: Thoughts on the Pope Francis Interview

pope francis

I should have known better than to get my information about the content and tenor of America Magazine‘s now famous interview with Pope Francis from the folks on Twitter. It’s surprising that I went so long without reading the full text of the interview, choosing instead to get my information in 140-character nuggets from the Twitterati. Considering that I have a great obsession with all things papal, and more than a mild distaste for Twitter, probably my best bet is Continue reading My Two (Peter’s) Pence: Thoughts on the Pope Francis Interview

Confession Confusion & Conscience

Forgive me, y’all, for I have sinned. It has been 26 years since my last confession. (Except for a “communal confession” I attended 20 years ago; but, from what I can tell, that doesn’t “count.” Neither does my public confession of simony that I recently wrote about for Catholic Majority.) So why haven’t I been to confession? Well, I’d like to try to explain that here. But first, some background information: What is confession? Although the best, and most fleshed-out Continue reading Confession Confusion & Conscience

Confessions of a Simonist: Relics & Simony

relics of st. gabriel

I didn’t mean to commit a crime, let alone one of “the most abominable of crimes.” Luckily, the first three words in the definition of simony according to most Catholic sources are “a deliberate intention,” so I’m good, right? Well… in the midst of my┬ásimoniacal┬áspree, I learned what I was doing, and I did it anyway. Also, canon law 1190:1 is pretty clear: “It is absolutely forbidden to sell sacred relics.” So, I’m guilty as charged. (If this upsets you, Continue reading Confessions of a Simonist: Relics & Simony