Holy Thursday

holy thursday

We begin the Triduum – three continuous days where we enter the Passion, death and Resurrection of Christ – one continuous service that leads us from complete darkness into light starting on Thursday and culminating on Saturday. We start with Holy Thursday. Three things happen on Holy Thursday: Institution of the Priesthood; the Eucharist; and a Love stronger than death. 1) The word priest comes from Presbyter, etymologically from Greek meaning ‘elder’ or as one who leads. The priesthood was an Continue reading Holy Thursday

St. Ambrose, the Honey Tongued Doctor

st. ambrose

St. Ambrose, Doctor of the Church, became the Bishop of Milan when he was 33 in the year 374. At the time of his appointment, he was a civil leader and lawyer in Milan who happened to be charged with keeping order in the election of a new bishop between the Catholics and the Arians (who disputed the divinity of Christ). As fate would dictate, someone yelled ‘Ambrose for Bishop’ and both sides agreed on this seemingly neutral choice for Continue reading St. Ambrose, the Honey Tongued Doctor

Survey Says!: Vatican Survey has Become a Family Feud

vatican survey

In order to grasp what’s going on with the Vatican survey, the first thing you need to understand about the Catholic Church is that when She says, “a few years ago,” what She means is, “within the past several centuries.” And so it is that She has now asked the bishops to poll their flocks about some issues that have come up that were “unheard of until a few years ago” (their words): cohabitation, same-sex couples, single-parent families, and mixed- Continue reading Survey Says!: Vatican Survey has Become a Family Feud

My Two (Peter’s) Pence: Thoughts on the Pope Francis Interview

pope francis

I should have known better than to get my information about the content and tenor of America Magazine‘s now famous interview with Pope Francis from the folks on Twitter. It’s surprising that I went so long without reading the full text of the interview, choosing instead to get my information in 140-character nuggets from the Twitterati. Considering that I have a great obsession with all things papal, and more than a mild distaste for Twitter, probably my best bet is Continue reading My Two (Peter’s) Pence: Thoughts on the Pope Francis Interview

When the Saints Go Marching In: The Martyrs of El Salvador

Carmelite nun

by John O’Boyle, Guest Contributor to Catholic Majority   There aren’t many North American saints. While there are numerous Irish saints, Italian saints, and saints from elsewhere, we Americans seem like the lost children of Israel. Growing up, I often wondered why. Looking back on my childhood, it seems as though I learned about the Catholic faith through the process of osmosis. Each Christmas Eve, when my father would come home from his mail route, he would take a few Continue reading When the Saints Go Marching In: The Martyrs of El Salvador

Syria: Prayers for Peace


Open YouTube. Play John Lennon’s “Imagine.” Pray. Write…                  Unless you live in a cave, you know that the US congress is debating whether or not to intervene and use force in Syria. I make absolutely no claims to be an expert on Middle East affairs. Though I do keep myself reasonably abreast on current affairs, I have no expertise in foreign relations and would quickly refer you articles as this one in the Washington Post that answers very basic questions Continue reading Syria: Prayers for Peace

Making Every Day World Youth Day

World Youth Day

Pope Francis is all set to kick off World Youth Day 2013 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil one week from today. This will be his first World Youth Day since becoming pope, and excitement in some quarters is palpable. In the meanwhile, as Adam suggested on our Facebook page last week, the presence of 20- and 30-somethings is noticeably absent. Why is this? What is it like in your Church? What can we do to remedy this problem? How do we Continue reading Making Every Day World Youth Day

Catholic Majority Names John XXIII Favorite Pope!

Pope John XXIII

Last week we opened a poll that asked our readers, “Who is your favorite pope of the past century?” Although “voter turnout” was low, the people have spoken. According to the readers of Catholic Majority, Blessed Pope John XXIII was chosen as your favorite pope. Second place was a two-way tie between Blessed Pope John Paul II and current holder of the office, Pope Francis! Honorable mention goes to Pope Leo XIII, who despite having just missed the “within the Continue reading Catholic Majority Names John XXIII Favorite Pope!