Guide to Christmas Masses

christmas masses

Editor’s Note: This article originally appeared on on 12/24/13. If you go to Mass this Christmas, (which I hope you do!) you will notice that there are four separate sets of readings, each with a different title. Why are there four Christmas Masses? Vigil Mass Mass at Midnight Christmas Mass at Dawn Christmas Mass during the Day The Vigil Mass still keeps a sense of Advent (In the Extraordinary Form of the Mass, violet is still a vestment option), speaking of Continue reading Guide to Christmas Masses

Thoughts on the Feast of Christ the King

Happy Feast of Christ the King of the Universe! Pope Pius XI initiated this feast in 1925 in response to the rise of secularism and a waning faith in Christ as a king. As we know, Jesus was called the Christ, the anointed one and ruler who would ultimately free the Jewish people from the hands of Roman rule. Pius XI in the early 1900s could see nationalism and secularism on the rise and faith in Christ’s ‘reign’ waning, so Continue reading Thoughts on the Feast of Christ the King

Let Your Life Sing: Saint Cecilia

saint cecilia

Happy Feast Day to all musicians! Today is the feast day of Saint Cecilia, celebrated every year since the fourth century on November 22nd. Saint Cecilia is distinguished as one of seven women, virgins and martyrs, celebrated in the canon of the Mass. The name Cecilia can be etymologically traced to mean lily of heaven or sight to the blind (which is why she is also patroness of the blind). Saint Cecilia’s patronage of music comes from the legend that she heard heavenly Continue reading Let Your Life Sing: Saint Cecilia

5 Myths About Unaccompanied Minors at the Border


by Rhonda Miska, Guest Contributor to Catholic Majority   The Central American children coming to the southern border of the United States have created a stir in the media. Much of what is said about these children and their experiences is oversimplified, misleading, or patently false. During my time as a legal assistant at Americans for Immigrant Justice – an organization which has provided pro bono legal representation to thousands of immigrants since its founding in 1996 – I have heard Continue reading 5 Myths About Unaccompanied Minors at the Border

Happy Birthday, Mary!

Happy Birthday, Mary! September 8th is celebrated as the Nativity of Mary. To celebrate, we are offering the bestselling Kindle version of our book Mass Education: A Concise Guide to Catholic Liturgy for free! Offer is valid today only. Please follow the link below to download your free copy! And in the spirit of giving, please consider sharing this post with your friends who might also be interested! FREE DOWNLOAD, TODAY ONLY! Check out some of our reviews below! And please Continue reading Happy Birthday, Mary!

Saint Bonaventure and Women

July 15th was the feast day of Saint Bonaventure. A supreme intellect, Saint Bonaventure is known for his leading the Franciscan order of minors and helping to fostering the marriage of faith and reason through his teachings and works. He took the name Bonaventure to celebrate and honor his ‘Good fortune’ of being a Franciscan. “I confess before God that what made me love Saint Francis’ way of life so much was that it is exactly like the origin and the Continue reading Saint Bonaventure and Women

Introducing a New Series on “Former Catholics”

former catholics interview

Just over one year ago, when Catholic Majority launched, Tim published an article about former Catholics and returning to the faith. In the article (which you can read here), he quoted some statistics from Pew Research: One-third of Americans raised as Catholic no longer consider themselves to be Catholic. This equates to a staggering 10% of all Americans who are now “former Catholics.” That astounding statistic, that one in every ten American is a “former Catholic” stuck with me. Over this past Continue reading Introducing a New Series on “Former Catholics”

Blessed Junipero Serra

junipero serra

Father Junipero (1713-1783), also known as the Apostle of California, was a Franciscan monk and Spanish Missionary, instrumental in the founding of the first nine missions of California. From San Diego to San Francisco, the first nine of the eventual 21 missions were established. His feast day is celebrated on July 1st, the day he first entered Alta California. Born in Spain, he quickly became known for his eloquent preaching and his unrivaled intellect. He was quite eccentric in his Continue reading Blessed Junipero Serra

Robbing Peter to Pay Paul

robbing peter to pay paul

I’ve often wondered about the origin of the phrase “robbing Peter to pay Paul,” but never bothered to look it up. Since today is the Feast of Saints Peter and Paul, Apostles, I thought I would take the time to do some research and get to the origin of this phrase. The meaning of the phrase is “taking something from one person/source, and using it to pay another.” As a child, I had hoped there was a more specific Biblical origin Continue reading Robbing Peter to Pay Paul