Thoughts on the Feast of Christ the King

Happy Feast of Christ the King of the Universe! Pope Pius XI initiated this feast in 1925 in response to the rise of secularism and a waning faith in Christ as a king. As we know, Jesus was called the Christ, the anointed one and ruler who would ultimately free the Jewish people from the hands of Roman rule. Pius XI in the early 1900s could see nationalism and secularism on the rise and faith in Christ’s ‘reign’ waning, so Continue reading Thoughts on the Feast of Christ the King

Let Your Life Sing: Saint Cecilia

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Happy Feast Day to all musicians! Today is the feast day of Saint Cecilia, celebrated every year since the fourth century on November 22nd. Saint Cecilia is distinguished as one of seven women, virgins and martyrs, celebrated in the canon of the Mass. The name Cecilia can be etymologically traced to mean lily of heaven or sight to the blind (which is why she is also patroness of the blind). Saint Cecilia’s patronage of music comes from the legend that she heard heavenly Continue reading Let Your Life Sing: Saint Cecilia

Saint Bonaventure and Women

July 15th was the feast day of Saint Bonaventure. A supreme intellect, Saint Bonaventure is known for his leading the Franciscan order of minors and helping to fostering the marriage of faith and reason through his teachings and works. He took the name Bonaventure to celebrate and honor his ‘Good fortune’ of being a Franciscan. “I confess before God that what made me love Saint Francis’ way of life so much was that it is exactly like the origin and the Continue reading Saint Bonaventure and Women

Saint Andrew, the Inspirational Apostle

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Today we celebrate the feast of Saint Andrew, the Apostle. Saint Andrew was the brother of Saint Peter, and the first called of all the disciples. It was Saint Andrew who convinced his brother, Peter, to leave behind their fishing business and to follow Christ. Saint Andrew appears in the Bible by name on twelve separate occasions and can be found in all four gospels and in the Acts of the Apostles. Saint Andrew in the Bible According to the Continue reading Saint Andrew, the Inspirational Apostle

My Two (Peter’s) Pence: Thoughts on the Pope Francis Interview

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I should have known better than to get my information about the content and tenor of America Magazine‘s now famous interview with Pope Francis from the folks on Twitter. It’s surprising that I went so long without reading the full text of the interview, choosing instead to get my information in 140-character nuggets from the Twitterati. Considering that I have a great obsession with all things papal, and more than a mild distaste for Twitter, probably my best bet is Continue reading My Two (Peter’s) Pence: Thoughts on the Pope Francis Interview

Our Lady of Zen: Interfaith Chant for Peace

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This past weekend, two colleagues and I were privileged to participate in the 24 Hour Interfaith Chant for Peace at the Great Vow Zen Monastery, in Clatskanie, Oregon, just south of Seattle. Each of the hours is led by a different spiritual tradition, and we were there to represent the Gregorian Chant tradition. Great Vow summarizes this annual event as follows: As the world continues to struggle with great changes to our society, environment, and economy, finding the place within Continue reading Our Lady of Zen: Interfaith Chant for Peace