Easter Vigil

easter vigil

Darkness has fallen on us. The alleluias have fallen to their most silent. The ropes of the church bells left un-pulled. Statues have been covered, the crucifix is veiled, and not a single flower fills the church with its scent. Candles are left wanting for flame. Even the Eucharist itself has been taken from its place of honor. This is how we start the Easter Vigil. Then, from one single light – the new paschal candle lit from the Easter fire – we begin Continue reading Easter Vigil

Good Friday: Commending our Spirits

good friday

Good Friday. How can we call this day “good”? The red glows with the blood of Christ and the austere Church reflects the emptiness felt by the death of a friend. We enter in silence, as the clergy prostrate, a sign of supreme reverence, ultimate humility and willful submission to He who submitted his life to conquer mortality. Once again we hear the passion of Christ, as on Palm Sunday. Listening to the Gospel according to John, we take in Continue reading Good Friday: Commending our Spirits

Open to Letter to Musicians Before Holy Week

holy week musicians

Dearest Singers, Just a few thoughts about what’s about to happen.. We’re about to enter Holy Week starting on Palm Sunday. It’s an intense week that begins at Christ’s triumphant entrance into Jerusalem and journeys through the Last Supper, Crucifixion, and his burial and his Rising. That which makes us Catholic is born of this week’s event, and on Easter Monday, you feel a describable fatigue from bathing in continual Grace. If there is ever a week to commit yourself Continue reading Open to Letter to Musicians Before Holy Week