Saint Stephen (On the Feast of Stephen)

saint stephen

It is interesting that the day after we celebrate the birth of Christ – Word made flesh dwelling among us, Love incarnate – that we commemorate the life of a young man stoned to death. New life stands directly next to death. Saint Stephen, first martyr of the Church, was stoned to death at the hands of Saul for preaching Christianity. He was the first of the seven deacons and is thus the patron saint of deacons (as well as stonemasons). Continue reading Saint Stephen (On the Feast of Stephen)

Saint Lawrence: The Over-Easy Saint

saint lawrence with the treasury of the church

Today the Church celebrates Saint Lawrence: deacon, martyr, and patron saint of chefs and cooks. As you’re about to see, I’ve had something of a lifelong connection to and affinity for Saint Lawrence. For starters, my father is a Roman Catholic deacon, so I’ve spent my entire life around the diaconate. As a result, I can say with some confidence that I’m pretty familiar with the role of the deacon, and Lawrence is, by far, my second favorite. After my Continue reading Saint Lawrence: The Over-Easy Saint