Mary Magdalene named Patron Saint of Catholic Majority

St. Mary Magdalene, patron saint of Catholic Majority.

It’s been a month and a half since we first announced that we were looking for a patron saint for the Catholic Majority community. Since that time, you have participated by nominating your favorite choices, voting on the nominees, and then voting in a run-off. From a potential list of tens of thousands, to sixteen, to two, we are happy to announce that we now have a patron saint: Saint Mary Magdalene. It was a close vote, but we believe that the Holy Spirit guides all of our decisions.

Thanks to all who participated. We’re thrilled to have a patroness! You’ll notice that we have updated our sidebar to reflect your choice of Mary Magdalene as our patron saint.

Mary Magdalene was an apostle to Christ in every sense, though never counted as one of the twelve. While little is known about Mary Magdalene’s early life, she figures prominently in the end of Christ’s public ministry, and in His Passion. Her courage and bravery to stand at the foot of the cross when other disciples fled was rewarded when, later, she was one of the first to whom the resurrected Christ appeared. St. Augustine referred to her as the “Apostle to the Apostles.” Today, Mary Magdalene is considered a saint by the Catholic Church, as well as by many other Christian denominations. In the Catholic Church, her feast day is celebrated on July 22nd. She is the patron saint of multiple groups, including apothecaries, contemplative life, converts, hairdressers, perfumeries, penitent sinners, and now, Catholic Majority! (For more on Mary Magdalene, you may read Adam’s article here.)

Our Prayer to St. Mary Magdalene


St. Mary Magdalene, to whom the Risen Christ first appeared:

Guide all contributors and commenters on Catholic Majority. May they follow your example of loving compassion for Christ as they create opportunities for dialogue that lead all to a fuller understanding of living Christ’s way.

Bless all the readers and visitors of this site. May they share your openness to the miraculous and become apostles to the apostles.

Bless all members of the mystical body of Christ.  Just as you first proclaimed the risen Christ, may we all together boldly proclaim Christ’s eternal truth.

May our combined efforts at Catholic Majority, through your intercession and by your example of unwavering loyalty, serve as a model of diversity and commitment to realizing a life of unity in Christ’s love.



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